Long Weekend Holiday

30 10 2008

Its going to be a long weekend holiday. We will only report tomorrow morning and the afternoon is free. Many are going to cemeteries to visit their departed love ones, while others take this time to enjoy the beach or go on vacations. I am also thinking of having a vacation with my family this weekend, but I still don’t know where exactly.

All souls day celebration has been different than what it used to be few years ago here in Davao. Today, loud music, gambling, disco and party are no longer allowed in the cemetery. Today’s all souls day celebration are more solemn. The traffic are lessen. Most of the people go o malls after visiting their departed love ones. That gives mall owners the idea to have weekend mall sales.

However you may celebrate this weekend holiday, just keep it safe and have fun! I hope that this holiday could be much longer.


Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant

29 10 2008

Last night we treat ourselves to Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant located at Km 8 Pampanga, Davao City. Marina Tuna is one of the best seafoods restaurant in the metro. It is known for its delicious tuna dishes and more.

The restaurant was not so crowded. I can smell the scent of seafoods cooked when I entered the restaurant. It took us minutes to choose from a wide array of choice sea food dishes. We tried the sizzling female egg or bihod, and the tuna belly. I wanted to order a panga or tuna jaws, but that would be too much for me and my wife to eat.

We though of bringing our kids next time we visit Marina Tuna. There are live fishes, crabs and lobsters in their aquarium for everyone to see or choose to be served.

If you love seafoods, Marina Tuna is a must in your choice destinations.

Weekend Mall Sale

28 10 2008

Davao will have midnight sale at all malls this weekend. Gaisano Mall of Davao will have a Halloween Midnight Sale on the 31st of October. Victoria Plaza Mall will have a Halloween 4Day Sale starting October 30. They will also have a midnight sale on the 31st of October. SM Davao City Mall will have its Wicked Weekend Sale starting October 31 up to November 2, and a Midnight Sale on the 30th of October. Gaisano Grand Citimall Illustre will also have its Halloween Sale starting Oct 29th up to the 31st.

Horrific discounts and price off are awaiting. I guess this is going to be an Extravagant Halloween Holiday Weekend.

Book Haven at Book Sale

27 10 2008

I happened to visit Book Sale bookstore at the ground floor of NCCC Mall Davao last night. I believed that the bookstore has just recently opened for business. Book Sale bookstore offers a wide variety of books at a very cheap price! They have a large collection of IT books (my favorite).

If you are looking for great books with very low prices, I recommend that you visit Book Sale bookstore. I already add Book Sale in my book searching destinations.

Karlyn’s Food Station

24 10 2008

Today we had lunch at Karlyn’s Food Station along Maa Highway. The place offers sumptuous steaks and soups. We tried the house specialty Beef Steak ala Pobre which tastes really good. I heard that Karly’s chef was once Ekran Hotel’s chef. That should explain why their steaks are deliciously made with class.

After a filling meal, we tried their sweetened banana or “minatamis” dessert. The place is nice with soothing jazz music. Karlyn’s Food Station is a nice place to visit.

10th Davao Trade Expo

23 10 2008

This morning I went to Davao Convention Center to view the 10th Davao Trade expo. My presence at DavCon was just out of curiosity, but I was amazed at the wide array of products exhibited. Flowers of different variety are showcased, native crafts and furniture abound, there are even meat products sold! Agricultural products were also exhibited. And there were also booths by some of the industries and travel agencies here in Davao. The exhibitors come from different places in the country. To name a few: Pearl growers from Zamboanga, fruit growers from North Davao and North Cotabato areas, meat producers from Davao, entrepreneurs from Cebu, plastic manufacturers from Panabo, and even IT firms from Manila.

My visit to the Trade Expo caused me to realize and appreciate all the more the potentials we Filipinos have. Our country is blessed with a lot of resources, natural and human alike, and the quality of our products can compete with the products from other countries. This I already know, but being surrounded by the beautiful crafts and artworks of our local people I can’t help but wonder at the pure and raw talents Filipinos have.

My congratulations and thanks to the organizers of the expo, and to the plainclothes and uniformed police officers for keeping the area safe and secure.

Digital Filipino Club Event

22 10 2008

The Digital Filipino and Bloggers event was held last night at the Grand Regal Hotel. The event was sponsored by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.), who is a member of Digital Filipino Club.

The objective of the event is to establish network of bloggers all throughout the country. The event promotes blog awareness and shows the fun and opportunity in blogging.

The top 100 bloggers in the country according to ratified.org was presented. I am proud that my friend’s blog, jehzlau concepts got first in the list. Congratulations Jehz! I wish I could also enter the top 100 bloggers. Please help me in! hehehe

I met friends and schoolmates in the event. I also came to see Davao bloggers. It was an acquaintance. The venue was great, the food was great, and the crowd was great.

At the end of the program there was a live band performance, a mini poker tournament (I wish I know how to play poke, I could have joined), free food and drinks. Casino game checks were given to us.

The event was successful. Congratulations Digital Filipino and PAGCOR!

I am looking forward for more events here in the city.