Karlyn’s Food Station

24 10 2008

Today we had lunch at Karlyn’s Food Station along Maa Highway. The place offers sumptuous steaks and soups. We tried the house specialty Beef Steak ala Pobre which tastes really good. I heard that Karly’s chef was once Ekran Hotel’s chef. That should explain why their steaks are deliciously made with class.

After a filling meal, we tried their sweetened banana or “minatamis” dessert. The place is nice with soothing jazz music. Karlyn’s Food Station is a nice place to visit.




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25 10 2008
11th Tribal Meeting « Tribu Hagtik

[…] Maa Training Camp. All members are present except for Tibs Rudy and James. The meeting stared at Karlyn’s Food Station along Maa Highway with a sizzling steak ala pobre and a delicious vegetable […]

25 10 2008

I love karlyn’s! even way back when they’re only serving food at their garage in Maa. Thanks for the link…i’ve linked you too. Good luck on your blogging career! 🙂

25 10 2008
Jehzeel Laurente

elo neolle 😀 see u agian next time! hhehe

26 10 2008

Lami gyud diha. I started eating sa ilang garahe bitaw (about 8 to 9 years ago). Kay silingan man mi sa una!

27 10 2008

to taste is to believe! so treat me out at karlyn’s next payday so i’ll see for myself how good their food is. 🙂

27 10 2008


27 10 2008

thanks for visitng and linking my blog. Karyn’s ? Never heard of it but i’m sufficiently intrigued. What’s its nearest landmark incase i go there?

27 10 2008

Hello Marites,

Its beside Deeper Life Academy. Kanang paliko gani! hehehe

14 02 2009
Strat-plan in a tree house « Tribu Hagtik

[…] After the meeting, we had lunch at Karlins. […]

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