Book Haven at Book Sale

27 10 2008

I happened to visit Book Sale bookstore at the ground floor of NCCC Mall Davao last night. I believed that the bookstore has just recently opened for business. Book Sale bookstore offers a wide variety of books at a very cheap price! They have a large collection of IT books (my favorite).

If you are looking for great books with very low prices, I recommend that you visit Book Sale bookstore. I already add Book Sale in my book searching destinations.




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27 10 2008

Thanks for the info! i love books and i’ll appreciate it very much if you can post more bookstores worth visiting.

Btw,thanks to your comment and for including my blog to your Blogroll! as soon as i finish this post i will include you in my Blogroll.

20 01 2009

A Bookworm’s Two-Cent’s worth…a short survey…

A. What are your favorite novels, and what about did you like most?
(Name all for delight or pick 10 to say the least)

A.1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
A.2. “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true” – who could beat that?!?
B.1. Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt
B.2. Would make anyone think twice and over to set the story aside to get back to work…then again…

B. Let’s talk about authors. Name your best and what about them too?
(Again, name all for delight or pick 10 to say the least)

C. Would you care to share your own copy of your favorite book to someone who shares the same interest? (given of course their word to give it back once done)

D. How often do you read? An hour, two or maybe spend a whole day (especially rainy) or once you start you can’t settle for enough?

E. How much have you, will you or would you have to spend to get your hands on a Best-Seller?

F. What’s your take on the dawn of e-Books, e-Learning and Audio books?

G. Besides letting yourself be carried away by the stories in all vividness and enthrallment, what else would you say does or would make reading more pleasurable. Ex. The scenery or ambience, a fountain? Birdsongs? Music? Food…mmmm…drinks….ahhh….
(Again, name all for delight or pick 10 to say the least)

H. If you fancy the band named Blind Melon and their number entitled “No Rain”. Would you agree with the line “And all I can do is read a book to stay awake…And it rips my life away, but it’s a great escape…escape……escape……escape……”?

I. Which books would you consider as Hard-to-find (none in town, maybe somewhere else?), Keepers (MINE!..MINE!..MINE!), cheap-lit (pure literary rip-off), and of course, TO-DIE-FOR!?

Pop Question: Your thoughts on what this survey is for, if any?
Send your answers to Every completed survey obliges me to accomplish 200 grains of free rice through Check the website out, amuse and amaze yourself as well. You’d be surprised how far this site has gone in a year, now two. And it can do a whole lot more with our help.

This will be a study for a very definite and appealing purpose. For the benefit of thousands to maybe millions…all with the help of our Fellow-Filipinos and more imposingly, Fellow-Dabawenyos. Enjoy!

17 02 2009

Hello, I’ve been looking for a certain book “the elements of style” by Strunk and White here in Davao. Pero sadly, no luck yet. 😦 Do you think Book Sale carries them? Ano pa ba ibang bookstore sa Davao? Thanks. 😀

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