Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant

29 10 2008

Last night we treat ourselves to Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant located at Km 8 Pampanga, Davao City. Marina Tuna is one of the best seafoods restaurant in the metro. It is known for its delicious tuna dishes and more.

The restaurant was not so crowded. I can smell the scent of seafoods cooked when I entered the restaurant. It took us minutes to choose from a wide array of choice sea food dishes. We tried the sizzling female egg or bihod, and the tuna belly. I wanted to order a panga or tuna jaws, but that would be too much for me and my wife to eat.

We though of bringing our kids next time we visit Marina Tuna. There are live fishes, crabs and lobsters in their aquarium for everyone to see or choose to be served.

If you love seafoods, Marina Tuna is a must in your choice destinations.